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plasterboardplas‧ter‧board /ˈplɑːstəbɔːd $ ˈplæstərbɔːrd/ noun [uncountable] British English  TBCboard made of large sheets of thick paper held together with plaster, used to cover walls and ceilings inside a house syn drywall American English
Examples from the Corpus
plasterboardThe elegant panelled wall isn't wood, isn't marble, but plasterboard.Fresco is a completely new development in plasterboard design.A typical lightweight construction would be a timber frame with insulation between the studs and an inner lining of plasterboard.Fergus was staring at the plasterboard expanse above them.Both ordinary and thermal plasterboard are also available with a backing film which makes it resistant to water vapour.The wall between the two attics was only thin plasterboard.He could hear his father snoring through the thin plasterboard.They scrounge wiring, plasterboard, wood, all kinds of building materials from local firms and are rebuilding the charred structure.
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