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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplatonicpla‧ton‧ic /pləˈtɒnɪk $ -ˈtɑː-/ adjective  SEX/HAVE SEX WITHa relationship that is platonic is just friendly and is not a sexual relationship a platonic friendship
Examples from the Corpus
platonicBut she made it clear their relationship was to be platonic.Colleagues of Gilbey have always maintained that his relationship with the princess is strictly platonic.Their relationship was strictly platonic, even though she was living in his apartment.Lovely platonic evenings, the odd kiss and fumble?And her diary reveals claims that her request for a purely platonic friendship had been loosely interpreted by Gerald.When I talk about love affairs, I also include platonic love affairs.In the novel, Edward and Susannah present a perfect model of platonic love.They would visit places she had never even dreamt of and, as he said, it could be platonic or otherwise.After the marriage, though, she wants to breathe life into their dry, platonic relationship.Is it a parody of the platonic republic, where politics, art and philosophy come together?
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