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play a part

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplay a partplay a partif something or someone plays a part in something else, they are involved in itplay a part in Health education will play a part in preparing us for old age. Britain should play its full part in the negotiations.play a big/important part in something Pictures play an important part in publishing. part
Examples from the Corpus
play a partThis is just an actor playing a part.But big-city gangsters also play a part.Many cases of breast cancer have genetic causes, but environmental substances may also play a part.Host factors such as transit time may also play a part.Therefore all immunosuppressive factors can play a part.We are delighted that the Victoria Art Gallery can play a part in this.Organisation during the visit can play a part.It is not yet known if weather conditions played a part in the accident.The genius of the two designers has played a big part in the company's recent success.They've certainly worked very hard, but luck has played a part too.With regard to charging at the door, again fear must play part in her behaviour.Of course, the pay played some part in my decision to take the job.Yet here he was expecting to play a part that would make her hair stand on end.He was to go on to play a major part in the success of the new government.
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