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(play) a/the waiting game

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(play) a/the waiting game(play) a/the waiting gameWAITif you play a waiting game, you try to gain an advantage for yourself in a particular situation by deliberately doing nothing until you have seen what other people do wait
Examples from the Corpus
(play) a/the waiting gameAlthough most people were relieved that the waiting game was over, the first days and nights were nerve-racking.But von Steinholz wanted to play a waiting game and see where the trail led him.Friday, and volunteer fireman Dave Papenfuss said it was purely a waiting game after that.It was a waiting game now, she thought anxiously.Lucy only wished that she could have more of the patience required to play a waiting game.She had played a waiting game with great skill in the 1540s.The Danley strike, like many others, was a waiting game and a numbers game.Unfortunately, with work inhibition, the waiting game only ensures future problems.
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