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play fair

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplay fairplay fairHONESTto do something in a fair and honest way In international trade, very few countries play fair. fair
Examples from the Corpus
play fairYet the private interests themselves were hardly playing fair.In international trade, very few countries play fair.Most also believe it is up to the government to ensure businesses do play fair.No one who witnessed these debates has ever suggested that Lewis played fair.Bates, however, decided yesterday to play fair and own up about his mistress.But ideally they should play fair and put their children's interests first.I trust they play fair, but who knows?The film company says that it played fair in all its contract dealings with the actors' unions.But Wilson played fair - she did not encourage him.A mystery novel should play fair with the reader, providing all the clues necessary to solve the crime.
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