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play games

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplay gamesplay gamesHIDE/NOT SHOWto hide your real feelings or wishes in order to achieve something in a clever or secret way – used to show disapproval Stop playing games, Luke, and tell me what you want. play
Examples from the Corpus
play gamesDon't waste time by playing games.The Dauphin was showing Henry that he was just a stupid kid who should still be playing games.I don't play games at all!But Symington and the Legislature are simply playing games here.Just going out to resupply some patrols on a secure road was so bland that we played games to make it interesting.As a child she preferred playing games with boys to dressing up dolls.If they want to play games with their parachutes, then that is their affair.They can only create challenges for themselves, play games within the games.
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