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play second fiddle (to somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplay second fiddle (to somebody)play second fiddle (to somebody) (also play second banana informal)IMPORTANT to be in a lower position or rank than someone else play
Examples from the Corpus
play second fiddle (to somebody)Mr Pozsgay was simply fed up with playing second fiddle, a characteristic that was to re-emerge later.Even the lyrics tend to play second fiddle and are generally added after the main melody has been composed.He was never more than a B-movie actor, playing second fiddle to actors like Errol Flynn.He had been a reluctant ally and may well have resented playing second fiddle to his younger brother.The locals were not satisfied playing second fiddle to Los Angeles.But putts and drives will play second fiddle to schmoozing when top sports celebrities take center stage at the golf club.Throughout her married life she had to play second fiddle to the interests of her husband.She might also have simply got tired of playing second fiddle to the Prince's pastimes.So often he has played second fiddle to Wright and notched only nine goals last season to his partner's 30.
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