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play with fire

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplay with fireplay with fireDANGEROUSto do something that could have a very dangerous or harmful result Dating the boss’s daughter is playing with fire. play
Examples from the Corpus
play with fireDating the boss's daughter is playing with fire.The mask made him seem menacing, and she suddenly had the sensation that with Lucenzo she was playing with fire.Failure to stick to the safety rules is simply playing with fire.These men are criminals. If you get involved with them, you'll be playing with fire.Charity stunt team warned ... you're playing with fire.Roy Alon who appeared in many of the James Bond films said the team were playing with fire.Sir Hugo advises Deronda not to play with fire.So, your employer is playing with fire.With Emma he had played with fire and narrowly escaped burning.She was playing with fire, in Lydia's opinion.Manchester United continue to play with fire, losing 2-1 against Anderlecht.
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