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playableplay‧a‧ble /ˈpleɪəbəl/ adjective  1 DSPLAY A GAME OR SPORTa piece of ground used for sports that is playable is in good condition and suitable for playing on Despite the frost, the pitch was playable.2 something that is playable can be playedplayable on The disks are playable on home computers. an old guitar that is still playable
Examples from the Corpus
playableIt's not just pretty to look at though, it's also incredibly playable.This will get you into a playable but ultimately limited game.Very playable but without soundblaster it is a simple target game.But they feature two separate mono tracks on one record and are playable by means of a tandem arm kitted out with two cartridges.And ... At least one playable demo of one of the hottest new releases!The string quartet is looking for music that will be playable for all members of the group.playable onThe disks are playable on home computers.
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