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playbackplay‧back /ˈpleɪbæk/ noun [countable usually singular, uncountable]  TCRthe act of playing a film, a piece of music, or a message has been recorded on a machine and watching or listening to it again the playback button on an answering machine
Examples from the Corpus
playbackI want to see a playback.It uses a mode dial on the top to switch on the camera and select between manual, automatic and playback modes.And only the remote has a digital readout, listing the track number and playback functions.You can skip the commercials during playback.The subwoofer, responsible for much of the realism in movie playback, is particularly compromised in such a small design.If the recording was made so that student performance could be assessed then obviously playback is essential.Signals are passed from the recorder to the playback controller and then to a stereo ready monitor.It is important to remember this when it comes to playback and this is discussed in the next section.Multimedia Presentation Manager/2 is included and adds enhanced audio, basic image and software motion video playback capabilities.
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