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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplayboyplay‧boy /ˈpleɪbɔɪ/ noun [countable]  ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethinga rich man who does not work and who spends his time enjoying himself with beautiful women, fast cars etc a middle-aged playboy
Examples from the Corpus
playboyNathan Bryce was a playboy, a womaniser.My father used to speak of intellectuals as playboys and used to curse the Yiddish writers as poisoners of youth.Bao Dai might have been a weak, unpredictable, corruptible playboy, but he was no fool.He later had his own studio in Havana, and an expensive playboy lifestyle.A.J.P. Taylor sees its decline more in terms of the failure of leadership: Mosley was in fact a highly gifted playboy.The playboy and the puritan made an odd couple, but they could use each other.
PlayboyPlayboy trademark  a magazine for men which is known for its pictures of young women wearing very few clothes and its articles about sex
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