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playgroundplay‧ground /ˈpleɪɡraʊnd/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 DGPLAY A GAME OR SPORTan area for children to play, especially at a school or in a park, that often has special equipment for climbing on, riding on etc children shouting and running in the playground2 ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethinga place where a particular group of people go to enjoy themselvesplayground of the playground of the rich
Examples from the Corpus
playgroundParks and playgrounds that are perfect for picnicking include the Esplanade, which runs along the banks of the Charles River.The question whispered through her mind, fed with memories of the valley from her childhood when it had been her playground.He can lapse into playground language at moments of stress, or even, at one point, some pompous Hancockian self-pity.He drove the motor scooter through the school playground and then to the Presbyterian parking lot.The Catskill resorts were once the playground of the rich and famous.I could have taken him to the playground and gone shopping the next day.The main passage led through to the playground via three brick steps and a slope.Any film appearance by Robin Hood reinforced a belief that this wooded playground was surely once part of a Sherwood Forest.The rest of the hard drive is your playground.
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