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playgroupplay‧group, play group /ˈpleɪɡruːp/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 British EnglishSEP a type of school where children between two and four years old meet to learn and play syn preschool American English a playgroup at the community centre2 American English a group of children, usually between two and four years old, whose parents meet each week so that the children can play together
Examples from the Corpus
playgroupFor three mornings a week she went to a playgroup run by a friend who was a trained Froebel teacher.Now it is used by the local playgroup and various other events take place there too.They need to be shown how to shape and extend the language of home, street, playgroup and nursery.About two years ago the playgroup leader left and I was asked to take charge.Other people help out at the playgroup.I mainly run and organise the playgroup sessions which take place each weekday morning, usually for two and a half hours.The playgroup will open on Monday.
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