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Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: plaisant, from plaisir; PLEASE2


pleas‧ant S3 W3
1 enjoyable or attractive and making you feel happy [= nice; ↪ pleasure]:
It had been a pleasant evening.
the pleasant climate of Southern California
The restaurant was large and pleasant.
Kate! What a pleasant surprise!
it is pleasant to do something
It was pleasant to sit in a sidewalk cafe and watch people pass.
2 friendly, polite, and easy to talk to:
Nick seemed very pleasant on the phone.
a pleasant-looking woman
pleasant to
He's always been very pleasant to me.
pleasantly adverb:
He smiled pleasantly.
person: lovely, pleasant, charming, sweet, adorable

thing/place/activity/time: lovely, pleasant, delightful

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