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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpleasedpleased /pliːzd/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective  1 HAPPYSATISFIEDhappy or satisfied Your dad will be so pleased.pleased by something She seemed pleased by the compliment.pleased about something I could tell they were pleased about the news.pleased with something Gwinn was pleased with the results.pleased for somebody That’s wonderful! I’m really pleased for you.pleased (that) Her mother was pleased that she chose a college close to home.pleased to hear/see/report etc I’m pleased to tell you that you’ve got the job.see thesaurus at happy, satisfied2 (I’m) pleased to meet you3 pleased to help/assist4 pleased with yourself
Examples from the Corpus
pleased"That was quite a performance, " he said, looking pleased.His parents were very pleased about his award.Laurie was pleased that her daughter decided to go to college.You'll be pleased to hear that your application has been accepted.She rang James Morris as soon as she was in, pleased to locate him in his office.Mr. Heathcoat-Amory I am pleased to say that the Sizewell B project is progressing on time and to cost.I was very, very pleased to see him.He appeared genuinely pleased to see his reception-class teacher!Therefore, I am pleased to support this plea.I was so pleased when they said they'd be able to stay another week.Were you pleased when you saw the results?We're all quite pleased with Amada's progress.Tom's teacher was pleased with his progress."How's your new car?" "It's great - I'm really pleased with it."He was particularly pleased with the 25 percent success rate of the initial sessions at Coalport, which started in November.They were pleased with the results and reported an increase in their social activities.Whilst still a comparatively new system of management those who practised it were very pleased with the results.pleased with somethingRepublican leaders were pleased with the news.