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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpleasingpleas‧ing /ˈpliːzɪŋ/ adjective formal  NICEgiving pleasure, enjoyment, or satisfaction a pleasing soundpleasing to a design that is pleasing to the eyepleasingly adverb a pleasingly relaxed atmosphere
Examples from the Corpus
pleasingIts foliage is pleasing and the seed pods are marvellous.Jumping Skipper showed a pleasing boldness in his jumping, which was still often done from trot.Your pleasing burden has made you melancholy.This must be particularly pleasing for Glass as he's wanted to put Peake's fantasy trilogy on stage for some time.a pleasing nutty flavorWith this pleasing thought she settled more comfortably and looked about her.Acceptance by Dublin of this principle was pleasing to London.pleasing toThough pleasing to the eye, the building is drafty and cold.
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