Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: plaisir; PLEASE2


plea‧sure S2 W2
1 [uncountable] the feeling of happiness, enjoyment, or satisfaction that you get from an experience [↪ pleasant]
with pleasure
She sipped her drink with obvious pleasure.
for pleasure
a book to read for pleasure
The garden has given pleasure to many people.
take pleasure in (doing) something
I shall take great pleasure in telling everyone the truth.
2 [countable] an activity or experience that you enjoy very much [↪ pleasant]:
the simple pleasures of life
be a pleasure to read/work with/watch etc
Carol was a pleasure to work with.

(it's) my pleasure

spoken used when someone has thanked you for doing something and you want to say that you were glad to do it
4 [singular] spoken formal used to be polite when you are meeting someone, asking for something, agreeing to do something etc
have the pleasure of (doing) something
May I have the pleasure of seeing you again?
It'll be a pleasure/With pleasure (=used to respond to a request)
'Give the kids a hug for me.' 'With pleasure.'

at your pleasure

formal if you can do something at your pleasure, you can do it when you want to and in the way you want to

at his/her Majesty's pleasure

British English law if someone is put in prison at his or her Majesty's pleasure, there is no fixed limit to the time they have to spend there

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