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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplethorapleth‧o‧ra /ˈpleθərə/ noun   a plethora of something
Examples from the Corpus
plethoraThe endemic hypochondria of the Texans was milked by a plethora of expensive clinics which most of them attended.Despite a plethora of changes, the new models are just £295 more than the cars they replace.Why is there such a plethora of exotic phenomena at the centre, and how can they be explained?Set up a plethora of new commissions and executive agencies.And the plethora of morning news and business shows can make certain stories round-the-clock assignments.Whatever the reason, the plethora of choices has increased the brutally competitive environment for fast-food restaurants in the past year.The plethora of published research is testimony to this.
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