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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplightplight1 /plaɪt/ ●○○ noun [usually singular]  SERIOUS SITUATIONa very bad situation that someone is inplight of the desperate plight of the flood victims the country’s economic plight
Examples from the Corpus
plightHer husband simply dismissed her plight and carried on with his plan to go riding.Roy was sympathetic to her plight and offered to help her look for her daughter.It parks, waits and taunts our plight.Concern about the plight of young intellectuals was mixed with promises of improvements.A new report exposes the plight of skilled nurses, who work long hours for very low rates of pay.His chief concern is the plight of kids growing up in the ghettoes.There can be no real understanding of the plight of either rural or urban poor.The Republican contender said he never understood the plight of the handicapped before he was injured.the plight of homeless childrenHe embraced their plight as best he could.Through their various plights, the drama questions a world where feminine ideals regularly defy rational explanation.The film deals with the nomadic desert people of the Sahel, whose plight has worsened in the recent years of drought.
plightplight2 verb   plight your troth
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