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plinthplinth /plɪnθ/ noun [countable] especially British English  plinth.jpg AAa square block, usually made of stone, that is used as the base for a pillar or statue
Examples from the Corpus
plinthAt the same time optional accessories, such as cornices, light pelmets and plinths, could also be changed.When he has good balance standing up, the forward plinth may be lowered, and a gymnastic ball placed on it.The Colonel's brooding over his notebooks, and lying under his stone, and standing on his plinth on Montefiore Hill.The three central heating pump chambers are equally well-disguised by building over each a raised plinth, topped by a removable slab.We walked out for the victory ceremony and stood behind the plinth.Peter is shown on the plinth, being taken by his father to be educated by the monks at Bridlington.We were surprised to find that the plinths used for exercise and as tables during the day are their beds at night!The residential children sleep and eat in these areas, using the plinths as beds.
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