Language: Old English
Origin: 'piece of land'


1 noun
plot1 [countable]


a secret plan by a group of people, to do something harmful or illegal
plot to do something
a plot to bomb the UN headquarters
plot against
a plot against the king
The court heard how she and her lover hatched a plot (=planned a plot) to kill her husband.
The plot to overthrow the military government was foiled (=prevented from being successful).


AL the events that form the main story of a book, film, or play:
The plot was a little confusing.
We discover that Jack isn't as innocent as he seems, as the plot unfolds (=gradually becomes clearer).

the plot thickens

used to say that events seem to be becoming more complicated - often used humorously

piece of land

a) a small piece of land for building or growing things on:
a two acre plot of land
b) MX a piece of land that a particular family owns in a cemetery, in which members of the family are buried when they die


American EnglishAA a drawing that shows the plan of a building at ground level [= ground plan]

➔ lose the plot

at lose (14)

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