2 verb
plug2 past tense and past participle plugged, present participle plugging [transitive]
1 also plug up to fill or block a small hole:
We used mud to plug up the holes in the roof.
2 to advertise a book, film etc by mentioning it on television or radio:
Arnie was on the show to plug his new movie.

plug the gap

to provide something that is needed, because there is not enough:
With so few trained doctors, paramedics were brought in to plug the gap.
4 American English old-fashioned to shoot someone

plug away

phrasal verb
to keep working hard at something
plug away at
If you keep plugging away at it, your English will improve.

plug something ↔ in

phrasal verb
TEE to connect a piece of electrical equipment to the main supply of electricity, or to another piece of electrical equipment:
'Is your printer working?' 'Wait a minute - it's not plugged in.'

plug into something

phrasal verb

plug (something) into something

TEE to connect one piece of electrical equipment to another, or to be connected:
Your phone can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket in your car.
Games consoles plug into the back of the TV.
2 informal to realize that something is available to be used and use it:
A lot of students don't plug into all the research facilities we have.

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