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plugholeplug‧hole /ˈplʌɡhəʊl $ -hoʊl/ noun [countable] British English  1 DHthe hole in a bath or sink that the water flows out of, and which you can put a plug into syn drain American English2 go down the plughole
Examples from the Corpus
plugholeFaced with such a threat ... spiders may be better off lurking beneath the plughole from now on.It left a tidemark of greasy bits as it sank away down the plughole.She washed spiders down the plughole, and felt guilty as hell about it.Between her feet, water swirled down the plughole, taking red and black threads of blood and dirt with it.Down the plughole with it, this little glob of potential life, this putative devourer of the world's resources!Incidence is analogous to water pouring into a sink and outcidence is analogous to water leaving the sink via the plughole.The big corporations, fearing their royalties would disappear down a Web plughole, ganged together to sue Napster.
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