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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplushplush1 /plʌʃ/ adjective informal 🔊 🔊 EXPENSIVEvery comfortable, expensive, and of good quality 🔊 a plush hotel 🔊 Their casino is the plushest in town.
Examples from the Corpus
plush• The firm's headquarters is a plush $2.5 million office building on Woodside Road.• Battered budget accommodation in a plush area.• Otherwise, the plush arena and a large crowd might prove too much to handle.• plush green carpet• the plush lobby of a four-star hotel• Their plush London home provided a base for Jane's voluntary work with the Samaritans.• People wanted to work at the Skunk Works not be-cause it was plush or prestigious, but because they loved the work.
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plushplush2 noun [uncountable] 🔊 🔊 TIMa silk or cotton material with a thick soft surface 🔊 plush curtains
Examples from the Corpus
plush• In these six-storey mills velvet and plush were made.• Downstairs, you sat on wooden benches; upstairs, there were seats of dark crimson plush.• Clara wants the seats to be upholstered in plush.• Her hat was mauve plush with a veil.• There were high walls, old plush chairs, a heavy rug with a stale odor hanging close.
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