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pneumaticpneu‧mat‧ic /njuːˈmætɪk $ nʊ-/ adjective [usually before noun]  1 technicalTTC filled with air pneumatic tyres2 TPworked by air pressure a pneumatic pump
Examples from the Corpus
pneumaticIt is worth remembering that the first pneumatic bicycle tyre appeared on a cinder track in Portadown in August 1889.At 100 decibels, the level produced by a chain saw or pneumatic drill, the allowable exposure is three hours.Now imagine men are trying to break in using pneumatic drills.The latter has been adopted by Horstine Farmery to bring automated variable rate application to its range of pneumatic spreaders.pneumatic tiresOther nights, I listened to pneumatic tubes, and I was a doll on a shelf in a cavernous department store.The stories were mimeographed and stuffed into the brass and velvet cartridges which the pneumatic tubes ate.A system of pneumatic tubes moves everything along.
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