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pneumoniapneu‧mo‧ni‧a /njuːˈməʊniə $ nʊˈmoʊ-/ noun [uncountable]  MIa serious illness that affects your lungs and makes it difficult for you to breathe She was taken to hospital, suffering from pneumonia.
Examples from the Corpus
pneumoniaLong-term outcome after community-acquired pneumonia, however, has not been as well investigated.These results, therefore, may not apply to persons with community-acquired pneumonia who are managed as outpatients.A chest infection turned into pneumonia.He started with pleurisy which turned into pneumonia and because he wasn't a strong man it carried him off.The card suffered a big blow when Phoenix junior-flyweight Michael Carbajal withdrew because of pneumonia.He did not have the typical fever of pneumonia.It was not known Wednesday what type of pneumonia Yeltsin may have contracted.
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