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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpo-facedpo-faced /ˌpəʊ ˈfeɪst◂ $ ˌpoʊ-/ adjective British English informal  UNFRIENDLYhaving an unfriendly disapproving expression on your face syn stern
Examples from the Corpus
po-facedTheir smiles were like a knowing wink: sussed and street-wise without being in the least dour or po-faced.And she added something po-faced about toleration and talent.It was really slow and a bit po-faced for me.Jenkins was at his most po-faced here.Let's hope advertisers get the message and give us more laughs and less po-faced hype in future.The writer's po-faced style occasionally irritates: do people really need reminding that cases of bubonic plague should be treated immediately?And if that sounds a bit po-faced, then you're missing the point.
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