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pocket money

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpocket moneyˈpocket ˌmoney noun [uncountable]  1 MONEY British English a small amount of money that parents give regularly to their children, usually every week or month syn allowance American English How much pocket money do you get?2 informalMONEY a small amount of extra money that you earn in order to spend it on things you want I give a few private lessons too, for pocket money.
Examples from the Corpus
pocket moneyHer lodgings were paid for and she had £50 pocket money a week.Now people can earn pocket money by picking it.He earned pocket money by repairing furniture for neighbors.He earned pocket money by repairing furniture for neighbors and then trained as a patternmaker for a company that produced textile machines.And if they have enough pocket money or other cash - say £5 - to buy whatever is available locally.Herbert gave him pocket money to buy one a week.He was saving his pocket money to buy a calculator.Carmine had a man who washed his pocket money in Ivory liquid to keep it germ-free.Do they have to do anything to earn their pocket money?
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