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podiumpo‧di‧um1 /ˈpəʊdiəm $ ˈpoʊ-/ noun [countable]  1 TBBa small raised area for a performer, speaker, or musical conductor to stand on2 American EnglishREAD a high sloping surface for putting an open book or notes on while you are giving a speech to a lot of people – some people think that this use is incorrect syn lectern Several speakers took the podium (=spoke from it) that night.
Examples from the Corpus
podiumShe was, at this moment, like a slave on a podium waiting for the bid.He insisted that the rebels should be allowed to address both houses from the congressional podium.Dolphins were on the podium with Shula.Only one representative came to the podium to protest against the dilution of free-market principles.Hillie rose and went to the podium where he addressed the audience.My stomach sinks and I head up toward the podium.Unfortunately it is not clear from the report whether the podium extended beyond the walls, or was contained by them.The podium sports the logo of Roosevelt Jefferson High.took the podiumEd. crowd settled down as well when MacFarland took the podium.Antigang activist and actor Edward James Olmos, for one, took the podium at the 1996 Democratic national convention.Lamm, speaking before Perot took the podium, congratulated him on winning the nomination.
podiumpodium2 verb [intransitive]  to come first, second or third in a race or competition She was the youngest person ever to podium at the World Championships.
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