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poetic justice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoetic justicepoˌetic ˈjustice noun [uncountable]  DESERVEa situation in which someone suffers, and you think they deserve it because they did something bad After the way she treated Sam, it’s only poetic justice that Dave left her.
Examples from the Corpus
poetic justiceAnd would it not be poetic justice if he who had devised it, eventually died by it?If that were so, subsequent events had some of the characteristics of poetic justice.Once again the principle of { poetic justice } is demonstrated.Yet we have already noted how, in terms of poetic justice for instance, fabliau morality is often conventional in precisely these terms.Just when you least expect it, she thought, poetic justice is waiting right around the corner.In the real world, poetic justice is not so easily achieved.
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