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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoint-blankˌpoint-ˈblank adverb  1 HONESTif you say or refuse something point-blank, you do it directly and without trying to explain your reasons He refused point-blank to identify his accomplices. I told him point-blank that I didn’t want to get involved.2 NEARSHOOTa gun fired point-blank is fired very close to the person or thing it is aimed at The victim was shot point-blank in the chest.point-blank adjective a point-blank refusal The bullet was fired at point-blank range.
Examples from the Corpus
point-blankThe men broke into the building at the dead of night, and shot their victims point-blank as they slept.Rutledge shot him point-blank in the chest.I told Fred point-blank that he had made a mistake.refused point-blankAll I wanted to do was to get away, but Karen refused point-blank.I asked Make-Up to give him a few mosquito bites but he refused point-blank.Teixeira regarded the order as a betrayal of his mission and refused point-blank.When she made them swap horses in their lessons, he refused point-blank.point-blank rangeMassenga pulled a Mini-Uzi from inside his overall and shot Sibele at point-blank range.The dolphins were trained to use pressurized canisters to shoot intruders with a.45 calibre bullets at point-blank range.The gunman had missed his intended target from point-blank range.The second enemy took aim at point-blank range.The Merrimac laid off at easy point-blank range, discharging her broadsides alternately at the Cumberland and the Congress.Then he opened fire at point-blank range, first at Cha, then at Park, severely wounding them both.A policeman fired at almost point-blank range, killing Hamlaouiinstantly.One of the gunmen blasted Keith Thompson, 42, at point-blank range, police said last night.
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