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point of order

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point of orderˌpoint of ˈorder noun (plural points of order) [countable] formal  PPVa rule used to organize an official meetingon a point of order (=according to a rule) One MP raised an objection on a point of order.
Examples from the Corpus
point of orderMr. Faulds On a point of order, Mr. Speaker.Mr. Speaker No, I can not take a point of order until after the statement.on a point of orderMrs. Wise With respect, Mr. Speaker, and on a point of order.That is why I have raised the matter on a point of order.The Russian delegation was allowed to speak on a point of order.
From Longman Business Dictionarypoint of orderˌpoint of ˈorder noun (plural points of order) [countable] in a meeting or parliament, a question about whether its rules are being followed properlyThe South Carolina Democrat raised a point of order against the planned change.
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