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point of sale

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point of saleˌpoint of ˈsale (also point of purchase) noun [singular]  BBTthe place or shop where a product is sold Under the new law, cigarette advertising will only be allowed at the point of sale.
Examples from the Corpus
point of saleTwenty-four titles, from Alpines to Water Gardening, backed by a consumer competition and point of sale material.Some companies will help with display facilities and point of sale material, particularly for special promotions.Midland has worked closely with the retailer to introduce point of sale terminals which can accept Switch cards.The biggest impact is point of sale stuff.How well a company performs is judged by customers at the point of sale, not by reading financial reports.Information Shops should provide greater information on healthy foods at the point of sale.Cash registers at the point of sale keep track of the store's stock.Food Labelling Regulations require potatoes to be marked with the name of the variety at the point of sale.
From Longman Business DictionaryLBED_27_cpoint of saleˌpoint of ˈsale written abbreviation POS noun (plural points of sale) [countable usually singular]MARKETINGCOMMERCE the place where a product is soldThe general sales tax is imposed only at the point of sale.point-of-sale adjective [only before a noun]point-of-sale credit card scannerspoint-of-sale advertising electronic point of sale
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