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point the/a finger at somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoint the/a finger at somebodypoint the/a finger at somebodyBLAMEto blame someone or say that they have done something wrong I knew that they would point the finger at me. I don’t want to point a finger of blame at anyone. point
Examples from the Corpus
point the/a finger at somebodyWhy did no one point a finger at a man for yielding to his desires?After much speculation we all started to point the finger at Dawn.The recreationists point the finger at developers.There shall not need anyone but myself to point the finger at me.Each time there is a suicide bomb or attack we should point a finger at ourselves?To minimise his sentence, Boesky pointed the finger at people he had dealt with.It needed to point a finger at Simpson, the manufacturer.Now the computer's resources are to be used to help point the finger at the possible killer of James Bulger.
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