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point the way

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoint the waypoint the waya) DIRECTIONto show the direction that something is inpoint the way to/towards An old-fashioned signpost pointed the way to the restaurant. b) SHOW/LET somebody SEE somethingto show how something could change or develop successfullypoint the way forward/forwards This report points the way forward for the water industry.point the way to/towards a government paper which points the way towards reform point
Examples from the Corpus
point to/towardsEverything pointed the way towards a better political awareness for young people.Suman Fernando points the way to a view of mental health that would be worthy of our rich and diverse world.In itself this does not seem to me to point the way towards any helpful scientific theory of mind.The identification of risk and the reasons for high risk may then point the way towards meaningful and constructive attempts to intervene.It points the way to new directions for the late 1980s and 1990s.They do not provide information about the effects of advertising, but point the way to relevant markets.Here, we can but point the way to the reader.
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