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point‧er [countable]


a useful piece of advice or information that helps you to do or understand something [= tip]
pointer on
Ralph gave me some pointers on my golf swing.
practical/useful/helpful pointers
a few useful pointers about using the technique


British English something that shows how a situation is developing, or is a sign of what might happen in the future [= indicator]
pointer to
an encouraging pointer to an improvement in the economy
The local elections were seen as a pointer to teh general elections.


the small symbol, usually an arrow, that you move using a computer's mouse to point to the place on the screen where you want to work, start a program etc:
Position the mouse pointer and click.


D a long stick used to point at things on a map, board etc

shows number/direction etc

TD a thin piece of metal that points to a number or direction on a piece of equipment, for example on a measuring instrument:
The pointer was between 35 and 40 pounds.


HBA a hunting dog that stands very still and points with its nose to where birds or animals are hiding

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