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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpokypok‧y, pokey /ˈpəʊki $ ˈpoʊ-/ adjective informal  1 British EnglishSMALL too small and not very pleasant or comfortable The whole family was crammed into two poky little rooms.see thesaurus at small2 American EnglishSLOW doing things very slowly, especially in a way that is annoying I got behind some poky driver on the freeway.
Examples from the Corpus
pokyIs it a harmful geographic stereotype to suggest that southerners are a little bit poky?Carpenters worked in the hallway, men with close-cropped hair and poky drawls, calling to each other under the steam ducts.We used to live in this poky flat in the middle of London when I was very little.She would have to move back into that horrible poky little hotel.Never again would anyone offer her an iron bed in a dark poky little room.She explains a lot about Washington in general and our poky political metabolism in particular.They weren't poky, they were cosy, crammed with our toys.
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