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polemicpo‧lem‧ic /pəˈlemɪk/ noun formal  1 [countable]AL a written or spoken statement that strongly criticizes or defends a particular idea, opinion, or person Before long, the dispute degenerated into fierce polemics.2 [uncountable] (also polemics)AL the practice or skill of making written or spoken statements that strongly criticize or defend a particular idea, opinion, or person
Examples from the Corpus
polemicEssentially, the play is a polemic on the judicial system.It is infinitely more subtle-an examination of frailties rather than a polemic.That is why it is sad to see so much bitter polemic springing out of sincere concern.Black polemic therefore stands alone, an unbalanced curiosity.And this is not just a generalised and detached polemic against injustice by an educated man.Still, it all adds up to an interesting polemic.We discussed, planned, and engaged in passionate polemics.The first third of the book is a sustained polemic against the myth of competitiveness when applied to the nation state.Also, I am dismayed by the polemics of some on the left.Thankfully, we can now continue without the polemic of Chris Woodhead.
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