Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: politicus; POLITIC


Related topics: Politics
po‧lit‧i‧cal S3 W1
1 relating to the government, politics, and public affairs of a country [↪ politically]:
Education is now a major political issue.
a time of political and social change
political party/system/institutions
The U.S. has two main political parties.
The UN is seeking a political solution rather than a military one.
political jokes
the workers' struggle for political power
2 relating to the ways that different people have power within a group, organization etc:
a purely political decision
The appointment was given to Wellington, mainly for political reasons.
3PP [not before noun] interested in or active in politics:
Most students aren't very political.

political football

a difficult problem which opposing politicians argue about or which each side deals with in a way that will bring them advantage:
Funding of the health service has become a political football.

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