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political correctness

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpolitical correctnesspoˌlitical corˈrectness noun [uncountable]  language, behaviour, and attitudes that are carefully chosen so that they do not offend or insult anyone – used especially when you think someone is too careful in what they say or how they behavePC, politically correct Political correctness has had an impact on the language people use to describe women.
Examples from the Corpus
political correctnessStyle in Washington hangs from the twin pillars of conservatism and political correctness.The film may lack subtlety and political correctness, but it can be thrilling if you let it.Managers must steer a middle course between political correctness and political babble.That is why you rarely see anyone sticking up for political correctness.From political correctness to the flagging tenure system, the right of unadulterated academic lip flapping seems increasingly embattled.They used to call this politeness; now they call it political correctness.
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