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political football

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpolitical footballpolitical footballPROBLEMa difficult problem which opposing politicians argue about or which each side deals with in a way that will bring them advantage Funding of the health service has become a political football. political
Examples from the Corpus
political footballAirline safety has become a political football.But can the game afford to hold its showpiece in an unstable country where sport is a political football?I urge him to stop any move to allow the barrage project to continue to be used as a party political football.In recent years funding and management of the health service has become something of a political football.The Treasury felt strongly that changes in taxation for purposes of stabilising employment would immediately become a political football.The use of education as a political football has entered the language as a cliché.Abortion is becoming a political football misrepresented by the right to raise money and advance political agendas.
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