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political science

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political sciencepoˌlitical ˈscience noun [uncountable]  PGSEthe study of politics and governmentpolitical scientist noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
political scienceConsider the following hypothetical example from political science.Economic systems and the concepts used in economics can seem as complicated as political systems and the concepts used in political science.One consequence is that mainstream political science has a long history of insensitivity to issues of gender.You should also be aware that the language of political science often treats the state as though it were a single actor.Sociological problems are not those of economics, or of political science, or of psychology.The study also notes a steady decline in the number of college students taking political science courses or enrolling in law schools.Scott, who teaches political science at both Saint Francis and Ivy Tech, is making his first bid for elected office.
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