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politically/economically/financially etc motivated

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpolitically/economically/financially etc motivatedpolitically/economically/financially etc motivatedCAUSEdone for political, economic etc reasons a politically motivated decision Police believe the attack was racially motivated. motivated
Examples from the Corpus
politically/economically/financially etc motivatedBut he does deny that his opposition is politically motivated.But he said he did not know if all of those killings were politically motivated.But some think dismissal was politically motivated.She said the timing of the vote was politically motivated.The potential for mischief in the international system by politically motivated or overzealous prosecutions is great.However, Melancia maintained that he was the innocent victim of a politically motivated smear campaign.Yet because they are politically motivated they may be, in some degree, distrusted.Five people were killed and 10 injured in overnight politically motivated violence in black townships around Johannesburg.
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