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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoltergeistpol‧ter‧geist /ˈpɒltəɡaɪst $ ˈpoʊltər-/ noun [countable]  GHOSTa ghost that makes objects move around and causes strange noises
Examples from the Corpus
poltergeistThe main features marking the presence of a poltergeist are moving objects, electrical high jinks, or mysterious noises.She repeated what Rosalind Swain had said about odd things happening in adolescence, about adolescents harbouring poltergeists.Though many poltergeist influences can be explained in this way, what of those which happen in empty, uninhabited properties?How many ships suddenly developed strange ghost personae; mechanical poltergeists in the engine room; voices where they had none before?The family refused to be reassured by the expert's promises that poltergeists did not harm people.Alison says the poltergeist has tried to smother her boyfriend in their terraced house.Clark says the poltergeist scatters pots and pans over the kitchen floor, opens locked doors and frightens the family dog.
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