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polypropylenepol‧y‧pro‧py‧lene /ˌpɒlɪˈprəʊpəliːn $ ˌpɑːliˈproʊ-/ noun [uncountable]  HCPa hard light plastic material
Examples from the Corpus
polypropyleneBracken Twist is a stunning new Tufted range of 12 colours, manufactured in 50% wool, 50% polypropylene.Netting is likely to be made from either polypropylene or polythene.The oil tank is made from polypropylene and is not part of the main frame.How powerful is polypropylene reinforced cement?Neste Chemicals has developed a new polypropylene grade with an extremely high degree of clarity.The Plaque Attacker is made of polypropylene - a strong flexible substance which is inert.Boxes are available made of clear polycarbonate, opaque polypropylene or metal.It is usually associated with rows of back-to-back closed binning or open shelving with steel or polypropylene tote-boxes.
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