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pommelpom‧mel /ˈpʌməl/ noun [countable]  1 DSHthe high rounded part at the front of a horse’s saddle2 PMWthe round end of a sword handle
Examples from the Corpus
pommelIf it has been made of lead, then I would also have suggested that it was a pommel.If made of bronze and gilded, it is possibly a knife or dagger pommel.A thin sound beside him, and Ratagan had unsheathed his axe from its case at his pommel.Joseph was shrouded beneath a grey, black-striped blanket, and rested his rifle across his saddle pommel.The raider's spear rested across the pommel of his saddle, first light glinting on its long, polished blade.It had a couple of rubies set in the pommel.Reaching inside his tartan plaid he tried to make his fingers take hold of the pommel of his sword.
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