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ponchopon‧cho /ˈpɒntʃəʊ $ ˈpɑːntʃoʊ/ noun (plural ponchos) [countable]  DCCa type of coat consisting of one large piece of cloth, with a hole in the middle for your head
Examples from the Corpus
ponchoWhen the rains came, they huddled under umbrellas and makeshift tents and donned ponchos or raincoats fashioned from plastic garbage bags.She bargains for him, and he gets his poncho for practically nothing.They were not even deterred by some afternoon rain but carried on enjoying themselves kitted out in colourful Mickey Mouse ponchos.Between two people one poncho was used as a groundsheet and the other was strung up and pinned down with home-made pegs.Instead we used our ponchos as makeshift tents.She is wearing a red poncho today.The ponchos permit the sculptor an extra piece of authenticity by fudging the issue of equipment.I remember waking up and feel-ing this poncho liner bubbling up a little bit.
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