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popcornpop‧corn /ˈpɒpkɔːn $ ˈpɑːpkɔːrn/ ●●● S3 noun [uncountable]  DFFa kind of corn that swells and bursts open when heated, and is usually eaten warm with salt or sugar as a snack
Examples from the Corpus
popcornPopcorn, we give them popcorn, movie, and a soda.The food spread will include buffalo wings, potato skins and popcorn.The Bureau spewed out project recommendations like popcorn.Dooley made popcorn, and Barnabas did his business at the hedge with great expediency.Lester had made a large bowl of popcorn.Now there's a name that comes trailing clouds of popcorn.Arnold hangs strings of popcorn and berries on them for the winter birds to eat.He bought the tickets, I bought the popcorn and we lurched back in.
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