Date: 1400-1500
Language: Latin
Origin: popularis, from populus 'people'


pop‧u‧lar S2 W1
1 liked by a lot of people [≠ unpopular]:
Hilary was popular at school.
a popular holiday resort
Coffee is probably the most popular drink in the world.
hugely/enormously/immensely etc popular
Guerrero's music is hugely popular in Latin America.
popular with/among
The President is very popular with Jewish voters.
2 [only before noun] done by a lot of people in a society, group etc:
the closest popular vote in U.S. presidential history
The government has little popular support among women voters.
Kaplan's latest recording has received considerable popular acclaim (=it is liked by a lot of people).
popular belief/opinion/view (=a belief, opinion etc that a lot of people have)
a survey of Hispanic-American popular opinion
Contrary to popular belief (=in spite of what many people believe), gorillas are basically shy, gentle creatures.
a popular movement for democracy
3 [only before noun] relating to ordinary people, or intended for ordinary people:
Wintour's writing is full of references to American popular culture.
Steele was ridiculed by the popular press.
pop music

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