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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpopularlypop‧u‧lar‧ly /ˈpɒpjələli $ ˈpɑːpjələr-/ adverb  POPULARby most or many people The president of Korea is popularly elected every five years.popularly believed/thought/called etc Vitamin C is popularly believed to prevent colds. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is popularly known as the Mormon Church.
Examples from the Corpus
popularlyThe traditional ghost appears in a hazy white form, popularly believed to be ectoplasm.These bodies were popularly elected and responsible direct to the electors.Legislative authority is vested in a unicameral 12-member Parliament which is popularly elected for up to four years.Yeltsin was Russia's first popularly elected president.A certain mental and physical deterioration of course occurs with age, but its speed and effects are popularly exaggerated.The president is elected popularly for a fixed seven-year term and then selects a premier, who selects a cabinet.Divorce is no longer so shameful and is popularly seen as a permissible solution to marital difficulties.The air pollution that is associated with car use has been more popularly understood in recent years.popularly known asHis district has become popularly known as a disordered and lawless community.West of the atrium is a large expanse of water popularly known as the port of Milan.
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